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Management Consultancy

Light Rail line to Emmendingen

Client: Stadt Emmendingen
End: 2000

The city of Emmendingen, situated to the North of Freiburg, aims at improving the rail connection to Freiburg. Therefore suggestions for a tram-train connection following the model in Karlsruhe were included in the feasibility study of the regional public transport association (ZRF). Because of adverse economic results, however, these were not included in the final recommendations of that feasibility study.

Task of this study was therefore to critically analyse the results of that study and, in parallel, supply possible alternatives.

In an analysis of several scenarios the extension of a planned light rail line from Gundelfingen (in the north of Freiburg) showed the best results, when the shorter of two possible alternatives was considered.

The method of comparison between the results of the study compiled by TTK and that of the ZRF was analytically challenging, as the areas that were considered were not exactly the same. A recalculation of the alternatives proposed by ZRF allowed the results to be compared.

It became evident that the light rail line proposed here yielded better economical results than the tramtrain solution proposed by the ZRF’s study.
To evaluate the chances for realisation a comparison of the costbenefit ratios between the proposed line and other single measures envisaged in the ZRF region was suggested.

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Light Rail line to Emmendingen