Mobillity Hubs

Transport, landscape and service functions combined to design attractive mobility hubs

Multimodal transport hubs, both in cities and in sparsely populated areas, are places where different modes of transport can meet and interconnect, and are essential for making local travel more fluid and facilitating modal shift.

TTK assists local authorities in improving the operation of mobility hubs and in favouring the use of green modes of transport by dealing with the transport functions (accessibility by public transport, by private car, by active modes, attractiveness and accessibility for all), its urban intergration (limiting urban breaks, reinforcing the place of pedestrians, making public spaces welcoming and comfortable), without forgetting of course to create liveliness by offering services and shops in the surroundings of the hub.

Among its scope of study TTK carries out strategic plans on a regional level, as well as studies on the scale of a pole (carrying out a analysis of the current situation, defining a pre-programme, designing organisational scenarios, drawing up a plan of intent and developing the chosen scenario, defining a multiannual investment plan).

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