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Zero emission vehicles are be at the heart of sustainable mobility

The requirements for vehicles in local public transport and regional passenger transport are changing. As a necessary step towards climate neutrality, the focus is on the electrification of vehicle fleets. Are you planning the conversion of your fleet and would like to develop a suitable strategy?
Would you like a transparent comparison of the technical possibilities in order to be able to make a well-founded decision for your future path?
Or do you want to promote (individual) electromobility in your municipality?

Together with you, we develop the necessary steps to achieve your goal, independently of manufacturers and open to all technologies. In doing so, we take into account technological requirements and regulatory framework conditions, operational and infrastructural needs and - last but not least - the economic aspects. With our specialised software tools, we can carry out energy, economic and ecological scenario analyses for optimised vehicle and resource use.

Our portfolio includes the following aspects :

For transport unions and operators: 

For cities and municipalities:

TTK is a trusted third party in vehicle condition monitoring

The purpose of a rolling stock audit is to verify technical, accounting or contractual aspects in the event of doubts, questions, needs for clarification or explanations. It can follow periods of tension and misunderstanding in the relationship between a local authority and its operator, which have affected the relationship of trust. It can also more naturally be used during the renewal of a public service delegation to establish an inventory and audit at a given moment and thus have a concrete basis for future discussions with a new operator, to divide the costs of reconditioning between what will be the responsibility of the current operator, the future operator and the local authority. In the case where the outgoing candidate is reappointed, this audit avoids having to pay for certain costs in the new contract when they should have been carried out in the previous contract.

TTK supports public authorities in these matters by carrying out rolling stock audits. With the support of an expert partner in maintenance (former workshop manager), TTK goes to the maintenance and storage sites in order to assess the condition of the vehicles, on the basis of a sampling so as not to disrupt the operation requirements. The method is based on following a predefined checklist (interior, exterior, mechanical parts under the vehicle), analysing various documents such as technical inspection reports and maintenance logs, and interviewing the maintenance manager to understand his scope of intervention and methods. This work allows us to identify malfunctions and to estimate the costs of reconditioning or repairing vehicles according to their age.

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