Transport infrastructure planning

For railways, tram-train and tram projects

TTK offers a wide range of infrastructural planning services for railways, tram-train and tram projects. From the initial assessment of technical feasibility and design planning to tendering and construction management – we can help you and your company get your projects done right.

The steps of a project

Feasibility study
Design and implementation planning
Construction management

TTK also plans depots, roads and paths, drainage, level crossings, platforms and other open spaces.

Transport infrastructure planning for

Railway lines

Roads and paths


Level crossings



Planing from a single source

Depending on the customer’s specific requirements, TTK can thus offer simple one-to-one compensation or comprehensive networked measures. The services offered by TTK’s Structures business field perfectly complement the company’s infrastructure portfolio. This means that planning of complex projects can be managed by a single source.

Thanks to the constant exchange with AVG, TTK can draw on extensive operator know-how and thus provide comprehensive and cost-efficient solutions.

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