20. Feb 2023

TTK at the Mediterranean Mobility Forum

On 25th and 26th October, TTK was in Athens for the final conference of the "Urban Transport Community" of the Interreg MED programme, which was called the "Mediterranean Mobility Forum". Our active modes expert led an discussion with the municipalities of Sfax (Tunisia) and Durrës (Albania) about their experience on the implementation of policies favourable to active modes. This forum was also an opportunity to learn about the many initiatives carried out by this Urban Transport Community.
The "Urban Transport Community" is an initiative of the European Interreg MED programme launched in November 2016. This Community promotes urban mobility planning in the Euro-Mediterranean region as an effective tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve quality of life. Within this framework, eight mentoring projects have been carried out to share good practices between cities around the Mediterranean.
One of the mentoring projects was led by TTK and supervised by the CODATU association between the city of Misano Adriatico (Italy) and the city of Sfax (Tunisia). It focused on the theme of active modes of transport and is part of a process undertaken for several years by the municipality of Sfax to promote walking and cycling in the daily life of the city's inhabitants. The mentoring program has helped to support this process by providing support for the definition of a global strategy for the development of active modes. This strategy includes several focusses covering the different aspects of the development of active modes: development of secure infrastructure, ownership and maintenance of a bicycle, communication and governance. In terms of concrete achievements, a "car-free day" event has already taken place and two pilot projects (one cycling and one pedestrian) are planned to be carried out in the upcoming year.

Through its participation in this programme, TTK is further strengthening its expertise in order to be able to bring the best international experiences in terms of alternative mobility to the private car.