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Montpellier Tram Network 2020

Client: Montpellier Agglomeration
End: 2012

The Montpellier tram network is currently being extended in line with the local transport development plan 2010-2020. As usual for projects in France this process is closely linked to the urban development goals set out by the city’s government.

Up to 8 extensions and additional lines are being discussed. Should these all come to fruition, they would make Montpellier the largest and most complex French tram network.

In March 2011 TTK was awarded a study to evaluate the various proposals, select a possible network and carry out modelling and dynamic simulation of the existing network including the selected extensions. The study answered the following questions:

  • Questions relating to the network infrastructure (single or double track, line speeds, signalisation etc.)
  • Performance and resilience of operational scenarios and major junctions (e.g. the station forecourt)
  • Phased introduction strategies as well as a recommendation for a network layout 2020/30 incl. demand prognosis
  • Operational statistics (No. of trams, vehicle mileage, etc.)

Finally in the spring of 2012 an optimised final network structure 2020/30 was designed and recommendations given for a further increase in performance.

Download E-4390 Montpellier
Montpellier Tram Network 2020

Strategic network planning including an OpenTrack-modelling process to enhance network performance