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Operational simulation for the implemen-tation of the “Chemnitz Model” / Stage 2

Client: City of Chemnitz, CVAG, VMS (urban and regional buses operators)
Duration: 2013-2014

The City of Chemnitz is preparing since 2002 along with the CVAG and the VMS, the implementation of the next stages of the “Chemnitz Model”. In 2015, three railway lines with new vehicles (CityLink) will run from the main train station to the city center (main Public Transport Station) - first to Turnstraße and later on to Thalheim.

The main Public Transport Station has in addition to numerous bus platforms also 2 platforms in the Bahnhofstraße and Rathausstraße with up to three stop positions (Rendez-vousverkehr) with 20 cm height for the low floor trams. However, the new dualsystem vehicle requires 38 cm high platforms.

By using the software tool Open-Track, multiple various scenarios with different operational concepts and platform height arrangement of raised platforms were tested. The junction’s performance is in principle sufficient for the admission of additional services - but acceleration measures on traffic lights are still meaningful.

A multicriteria analysis of the three preferred variants allowed to decide which option was the best regarding the location of the high platform or the choice of a short high platform.

The weighted result have shown that the option 3 (track intersec-tion) appeared to be the best solution. The variant 2 is provided due to the inexpensive arrangement of short high platforms as an interim solution (until the implementation of the dualsystem vehicle, the installation of the new crossing track is nearly impossible to implement; also, in case of an incident, both track axes at the main Public Transport Station have to be used with CityLink vehicle).

Finally, the compatibility of the recommended solutions to the further stages of the “Chemnitz Model” was demonstrated.

Download E-4477 Chemnitz OpenTrack
Operational simulation for the implemen-tation of the “Chemnitz Model” / Stage 2

Study of the introduction of additional dual-system line and its effect on the day-to-day operation at the main Public Transport Station (Zentralhaltestelle)