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Preliminary study for phase 3 of the Bordeaux tramway

Client: TISYA on behalf of CUB Mission Tramway
End: 2008

In the framework of their construction management job for the tram extension TISYA asked TTK for expert advice so as to have some independent eyes have an indepth look at the tramway system.

In this context TTK adopted the role of a partner by way of weekly working meetings and technical visits (of the CUB network, but also of the Karlsruhe network as means of furthering insight and enabling comparison). TISYA and TTK together identified the critical points of the current system which would need to be further looked into:

  • The infrastructure is to become more flexible by the instalment of new junctions and terminal loops / reversing points; thus operations will run more smoothly and become easier to handle.
  • The central control office should only be active in exceptional situations, «normal» operations are to be managed as much as possible by the existing installations and the drivers.
  • The network’s congestion is at the bottom of the decreasing speed (trams are blocked at the stops); hence the capacity has to be increased to regain a reserve in view of the theoretical capacity on offer.
  • Operations ought to develop towards a network with lower frequency (10min intervals) and shorter lines in order to better balance offer and demand and to allow a simplified timetable.
  • The priority rules at crossroads need to be optimised.
Download E-6480 Bordeaux TYSIA
Preliminary study for phase 3 of the Bordeaux tramway

Independent expert advice on the Bordeaux tramway system