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Vehicle Technology & Alternative Drive

Acquisition of rolling stock Wieslauftalbahn

Client: Zweckverband Verkehrsverband Wieslauftalbahn (ZVVW)
End: 2015

In 2012, TTK was entrusted for a feasibility study about the electrification on the line of Wieslauftalbahn. Subsequently, TTK became in charge to support ZVVW for the rolling stock acquisition.

Targets are new or modern sec-ond-hand vehicles, equipped with Diesel motors. In parallel the application with other mode of propulsion should be studied. Among the terms and conditions, reliable acquisition and maintenance, a high comfort level and an easy accessibility.

First steps were to become aware of the existing infrastructure, of the used rolling stock specifies and to analyse the operation mode of the vehicles therewith to define the different expectations of the transport system.

Subsequently, TTK started discussions with all famous constructors. The different propulsion modes (in particular vehicles equipped by rechargeable batteries by several systems) were analyzed and evaluated according to defined criteria.

Besides prospecting for new vehicles, TTK checked the availability of second-hand vehicles and considered the option of leasing vehicles.

The final result was an evaluation of the reliability of each option proposed by TTK and a recommendation to the “Zweckverband”.

In the future, TTK will stay on next to the Zweckverband for answering questions and conducting investigations on this subject.

Acquisition of rolling stock Wieslauftalbahn

Consulting of the ”Zweckverband” for the planned renewal of its Diesel fleet, on the non-electrified line of Wieslauftalbahn.