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Feasibility studies

Extension Tram Network Strasbourg 2020

Client: Communauté Urbaine Strasbourg
End: 2013

The tram network of Strasbourg has been developed continuously in recent years. Beyond the redesign of the inner city network with line extensions and reconfigurations the Urban Community of Strasbourg (CUS) wants to examine further extensions of the networks towards the outer centre and the suburbs of the city. Moreover, a new line F (tram or later possibly even tram-train) has to be integrated into the network.

TTK has been appointed in 2007 to study extensions of the network, divided into seven parts:

  • Line A West to Hautepierre (2 sections, total 5 km)
  • Line A South to Illkirch, (3 sections, total 4,2 km)
  • Line D North to Cronenbourg, (4 km)
  • Line D East to Kehl (Germany), (2,8 km)
  • Line F West to Wolfisheim (4,3 km)
  • Line F to the center (2 km)
  • Line E North to Robertsau. (2,7 km)

These studies comprise an extensive inventory of the urban environment, a recommended preselection by means of a multicriteriaanalysis and the detailed examination of some variants on a predesign level. In addition the economic effects are shown by way of a demand estimate.

The first step of the new network will be the construction of the Line A West, due to open in December 2013, followed by the Line A South in 2015 and the Line D East to Kehl (Germany) in 2015, with the creation of a new bridge across the river Rhine dedicated only to the tram line plus pedestrians and cyclists.

Download E-6320 Strasbourg
Extension Tram Network Strasbourg 2020

Detailed feasibility studies of the creation or extension of 7 lines for the medium and long-term network development (2010 – 2020)