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Feasibility studies

Technical assistance and operational tram studies for the greater area of Bordeaux

Client: Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux (CUB)
Partner: TISYA on behalf of the CUB Mission Tramway
End: 2010

Since 2007, TTK has become a reliable partner of the Greater Area of Bordeaux for major issues regarding urban public transport: from strategic feasibility studies via tariff studies to technical support for tram operations.

TTK was subcontracted by TYSIA, the construction manager for tram extensions, to carry out a detailed study of tram operations, taking into account the future tram extensions. This study was undertaken making use of the computer simulation tool Open-Track. This tool was used to test different scenarios in terms of infrastructure and operations.

In addition, TTK as tram operations expert also assisted TISYA in an indepth analysis of the tramway system. Within this expertise, critical problems of the current tram system were identified:

  • The infrastructure needs to become rather more flexible through the installation of new junctions and terminal loops / reversing points.
  • The central control office should only be active in exceptional situations.
  • The network’s congestion is the main reason for a decrease in speed.
  • The priority rules at crossroads need to be optimised...

Furthermore, a feasibility study of a Bus Rapid Transit for the Greater Area of Bordeaux was carried out in 2009. It was doubted whether a tram line would be necessary for the northwestern part of the City of Bordeaux. This study aimed at analysing whether or not the alternative of Bus Rapid Transit is appropriate to con-nect the city centre with Saint-Médard-en-Jalles and Eysines. The study showed that on both of the axes, St Médard and Eysines, BRT is feasible and sufficient.

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Technical assistance and operational tram studies for the greater area of Bordeaux

Operational planning for tendering and construction of a tramway extension and expert advice on the Bordeaux tramway and Bus Rapid Transit system in regard to the foreseen network extensions