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Feasibility studies

Bus Rapid Transit Bordeaux

Client: CUB
End: 2009

For the northwestern part of the City of Bordeaux (France) the necessity of a tram line was doubted. It was therefore aimed to analyse parallel to the study of the extension of the tram network whether the alternative of Bus Rapid Transit is appropriate to connect the city centre of Bordeaux with Saint-Médard-en-Jalles and Eysines.

The study was carried out in threee phases:

  • analysis of the actual offer and demand and overview of possible technical alternatives other than Bus Rapid Transit with the result that BRT was the means of transport to be further investigated.
  • reorganisation of the bus network to feed the BRT and reorganisation of other traffic flows.
  • cost estimates and demand forecasts
  • multi-criteria analysis of different scenarios.

The study could show that on both of the axes, St Médard and Eysines, a BRT is feasible and sufficient. An open pint is still the terminus in the inner city. A BRT is able to respond to a strong demand and leads to significant time-savings.

But to be successful headways of 2,5 min. are needed on all branches. It has still to be studied whether this can go along with an integration to the overall tram network.

Download E-6470 BHNS Bordeaux
Bus Rapid Transit Bordeaux