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Transport infrastructure planning

Ulm/New-Ulm Tramway

Client: SWU Transport GmbH
End: 2015

As part of the redesign of Tram Line 2, between Science City and Kuhberg, extensive remodelling of a 1.8km section of the existing street design was required.

This included 12 junctions as well as the streets in between. In addition to the new tram network, provision had to be made for other road users, such as motorised vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, as well as for onstreet parking. In some cases the insertion of additional traffic lights was sufficient; others needed a restructuring of the junction.

At the junctions, an allowance had to be made for future modifications to the transport links. At present the required performance can be achieved as the corridor carries no through-traffic, only traffic accessing the district.

The street design for the project was challenging. The traffic could be reintegrated into the available road width, but in some places it was not possible to retain the existing parking arrangements. According to the current program, planning approval is scheduled for the middle of 2013 and construction is due to start in 2014. 

For this project, TTK carried out all highway and tramway (alignment) design.

Download E-1718 Ulm-Kuhberg Schiene
Ulm/New-Ulm Tramway

Construction of a new branch from Ehinger Tor to Kuhberg