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Mobility planning

Luxembourg Airregioun

Clients: Airregioun and MDDI Luxembourg
Partner: PGV
End: 2014

The aim of the study is to establish a mobility concept integrating all modes of transport in the area around the airport of Luxembourg. The area calls itself Airregioun.

Emphasis was laid on the coherence between transport and mobility planning and the development of urban space with regard to economic structures.

The Modal Split is to be changed towards public transport and soft modes.

Workshops together with the towns within the region and with the National Department for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure finally made clear that regional and suburban rail transport has to play a much more important role than it does today. This is obligatory in order to reach a significant modal shift, at least in a long run perspective (2030).

Apart from the rail concept, which is based on new stations to better cover the built up areas plus a half-hourly train offer, the study also made clear that the bicycle will have to play a more important role. Namely the daily use of bicycles can be improved. Technical developments (such as Pedelecs) will help to let the bicycle play a bigger role in future sustainable transport.

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Luxembourg Airregioun

Mobility Concept for all Modes of Transport