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Consulting public transport networks

Chișinău Public Transport Strategy

Client: City of Chisinau
Partner: Metroul SA
End: 2013

In 2011 Chișinău, capital city of Moldova, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development commissioned TTK to carry out a technical study aiming to reorganise Chișinăus PT system and improve the overall quality of supply which is currently fragmented and managed by many different operators.

The challenge was to find a long term transport strategy not only to move the PT system from competition on the routes to competition for the routes, but also to move to a more regulated public transport market. This strategy was developed by:

  • agreeing transport goals with city officials,
  • modelling the current and future travel demand in VISUM,
  • identifying urgent PT infrastructure and asset needs,
  • developing annual investment envelopes for the next 5-10 years,
  • developing current accessibility indicators for different population groups and areas,
  • setting a policy framework to help to achieve the desired transport outcomes – principles.

a long term implementation, TTK assisted the City in:

  • defining the respective roles of trolleybuses operated by the Company, other standard bus operators and privately owned and operated microbuses,
  • setting up the institutional framework of the Chisinau PT sector, including the improved regulation of microbuses,
  • establishing an on-going routetendering regime that encourages competition while enabling the City to acquire acceptable safety and environmental standards,
  • monitoring the quality of the services provided under the Public Service Contract.
Chișinău Public Transport Strategy

Regulation and Restructuring advice programme