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PROSPER Congress

Client: EU
Contractor: TTK with help of the University of the West of England, Bristol
Start: 2001
End: 2001

The PROSPER congress took place September 19th and 20th in the year 2001. About 150 participants from 13 countries came to Karlsruhe for this "Hybrid Technology in Public Transport" congress.

The acronym PROSPER stands for: Promotion of Pollution Control and Energy Saving by the use of Hybrid Power Systems. The congress has disseminated the results of development projects in hybrid propulsion technology whose objective it is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in urban passenger transit vehi-cles through increased efficiency and effective brake energy recovery, and to provide a low cost alternative to electrification. The EU project ULEV-TAP 1 was such a project and the direct reason for TTK to organise this con-gress.

PROSPER has managed to bring together users of all backgrounds and a wide variety of manufacturers to promote the subject matter. Goal was to create a "spark-off" to set things in motion.

PROSPER contained:

  • Presentations and speeches in the field of hybrid technologies
  • Workshops on technical and application aspects
  • Exhibition of companies in the field of hybrid technolo-gies 
  • Successful demonstration of a hybrid flywheel bus and a prototype of the first flywheel driven light rail vehicle (ULEV-TAP 1) 
  • Optional excursion: Guided tour in a dual mode LRV on the Karlsruhe network

The PROSPER CD-ROM con-tains all presentations, papers, film, participants list and further background material.

Download E-1161 PROSPER
PROSPER Congress

Promotion of Pollution Control and Energy Saving by the use of Hybrid Power Systems: International congress about innovative pro-pulsion systems for use in Public Transport.