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Civil engineering structure

Double track upgrading of the light railway line Böblingen-Renningen (S60), Stuttgart

Client: Verband Region Stuttgart
Completion: 2004

The present single track line beween Böblingen and Renningen is used almost exclusively by goods trains. It is mainly used as a by-pass of Stuttgart and as a connection to regional industries (e.g. DaimlerChrysler).

This single track line, which is approximately 12km in length, will be changed to a double track line. At Renningen station vehicles are coupled or split to go into 2 different directions. One vehicle has the destination Weil der Stadt (present S6 line in operation) and the other heads for Böblingen with a direct connection to the S1.

The project also entailed a thorough redesign of 3 existing stations as well as 5 new stops with appropriate access ways.

Three existing level crossings in Magstadt and Renningen had to be replaced by new road and rail bridges. At these crossings the boom would otherwise have to be closed for too long for the traffic intensity on the crossing roads.

The future double track upgrading thus included the expansion of all existing crossings. A total of 17 existing bridges will be built new or be modified. In addition, several hundred metres of retainingand noise- barrier-walls will be built.

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Double track upgrading of the light railway line Böblingen-Renningen (S60), Stuttgart

Planning of a 12 km railway line, 2 new bridges replacing level crossings, construction of 5 new stops as well as modifications to 3 stations, 8 new bridges and extensions to 9 railway bridges, construction of new retaining- and noise-barrier-walls with a