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Feasibility studies

Tram-Train Grenoble

Client: SMTC Grenoble
2016-on going

Current situation in Grenoble
Grenoble city is well-known in France for bringing back Light Rail into town, back in the 1980’s. Since that time, the network has been widely developed with 5 tramways lines currently in operation.

As part of its further development, the SMTC, in charge of public transport planning for Grenoble re-gion, has been wondering whether a tram-train service could be implemented to the south, along the existing railways tracks which are currently underused.

TTK input
The SMTC has appointed TTK to conduct an opportunity and feasibility study for serving the area with a tram-train line, connecting the existing light rail line “E” with the heavy rail network.
The study, currently undergoing, has shown the various opportunities to use the existing tracks for tram-train: whether with a northern connection with frequent services, or a southern connection with less services, or whether with a fully interconnected tram-train or a light rail system only moving along the heavy rail network.

TTK has brought its experience to the SMTC, helping selecting the most relevant scenario for the area, by highlighting all risks associated with the various options. We are currently looking at detailed costs and operational patterns to confirm feasibility of this route, compared to an express bus line solution.

Download E-5066-6061 TramTrain Grenoble
Tram-Train Grenoble

Tram-Train Opportunity & Feasibility study in Grenoble (France)