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Transport infrastructure planning

Tramway Karlsruhe Nordstadt/Heide

Client: Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsru-he (VBK)
End: 2005

After the distraction of the US Army in the mid 1990s and the planned lock-up building development the extension to "Nordstadt" was planned.

The 3.1 km long new section runs from the stop Mühlburger Tor in the west of the Karlsruhe inner city towards the north up to the ice skating hall in Neureut-Heide.
A later extension of the line in the direction of Neureut-Kirchfeld is foreseen. The reversing loop has therefore been already prepared.

The complete section will be double track and build on special “lanes” which are integrated into the local conditions but make the tramway independent from traffic.

Almost the entire length of the trackbed was constructed with the “Rheda City- Bauart Karlsruhe” design (slab track). This design allowed a large part of the route to be built as grassed track with flanged rail. The track in the Grasshoffstraße was laid in block-work.

In light of the current plans for this corridor, significant changes would have to be realised in the infrastructure present especially the layout of streets and intersections.

A special characteristic are the piled platforms, in order to protect the roots of the trees.

The assignment also included the coordination of all cable relaying and wiring.


  • 3.1 km route length
  • 6.5 km track length
  • 6 stops (including one Tram/Bus)
  • Turning loop (R=33m) and siding (L=80m)
  • Electrification with 750 V ±
  • 2 substations
Download E-1325 KA-Nordstadt
Tramway Karlsruhe Nordstadt/Heide

Planning of a tramway route from the Karlsruhe inner city into the north “Nordstadt”