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Transport infrastructure planning

Extension of the tram Strasbourg - Kehl

Client: City of Kehl
End: 2009

The city of Strasbourg (CUS) and the city of Kehl are planning the extension of the Strasbourg tram line D as a crossborder tram connection over the river Rhine to Kehl. For the moment the terminus is foreseen at Kehl’s station forecourt.

The additional extension of the tramway to the city centre of Kehl and the utilisation as tram-train respectively, including a connection to the regional rail service to Offenburg, are as yet only a prospect for the future but were kept in mind for the planning.
CUS asked TTK for planning services in the cross-border area and in Kehl in addition to the existing contract. This included in particular:

  • Determination of the parameters of the bridge for different constructional variants and their impact (for example the ramps, radar),
  • Alignment and illustration of the tramway with a particular attention to the integration of the tramway in the area between the Rhine and the station forecourt Kehl,
  • Definition of the tram station in the area of the station forecourt with its impact on the other functions of the area (e.g. taxis, park & ride),
  • Estimation of costs of the bridge based on experience,
  • Assistance with the public presentation and in the municipal council as well as to file applications (Interreg).

As TTK was also responsible for the planning in Strasbourg an integrated view for the Kehl plans was possible. The bilingual elaboration of all plans and documents was necessary both in the planning phase as well as the final results presentation.

The start of work is expected for 2012.

Download E-1930 Tram Kehl
Extension of the tram Strasbourg - Kehl

Planning of the cross-border extension of tram line „D“ in addition to the feasibility study for Strasbourg