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Mobility planning

Transport development plan for the Greater Avignon

Client: Communauté d’Agglomération du Grand Avi-gnon
Partners: SCE, Naomis
End: 2014

The current transport development plan is the tool for planning public transport offer and infrastructure for Greater Avignon. As such, the document will explain how to improve network performance in the thirteen municipalities of the greater urban area. It will also consider the consistency between its transport network and those of the neighboring territories. That there are three distinct county networks in the territory further emphasizes how much such a development plan is needed.

The tram project is the major backbone of future public transport projects and the transport development plan will thus indicate how to develop a global network from a network of two tram lines. So – at different scales – the rail network is a major asset for the area.

TTK is responsible for defining a policy of public transport development for the new transport development plan.

Following an indepth analysis shared by all parties, TTK develops scenarios for the future urban transport network, particularly with a view to meeting the challenges of serving the entire territory of Greater Avignon.

TTK is looking into the potential extension of the tram and BRT network while at the same time keeping in mind intermodality (public transport, P + R, cycling, walking...).

In the end, a document will be prepared which can then be the subject of the consultation process (local authorities in the different communities followed by a public inquiry). It will include a proposed program of action as well as all intermodal projects of the transport development plan.

Download E-6695 PDU Avignon lfd
Transport development plan for the Greater Avignon

Transport development plan for the greater Avignon area: Public transport