The growing demand operators of trams, tram-trains and metros are constantly faced with new challenges when it comes to their lines and existing or planned networks:

Located within the heart of one of the most dense transport networks of Europe, TTK has gained in-depth knowledge and experience in all matters related to transport operations.

Our services

Vehicle dynamics

Analysis of transport operations during normal and degraded operation

Capacity studies

Line or entire network modelling

Modelling of depots and maintenance facilities

TTK can help communities and operators answer decisive questions and find the best and most innovative solution in each context. In doing so, TTK is able to benefit from the field experience of the Karlsruhe operators (AVG and VBK), which is a real asset for its customers. TTK deploys various tools to address different types of problems that may arise.

The company’s experience is not limited to railway systems. It follows developments in the transport sector such as transport modelling and studies on the impact of of bus operations with 100 percent electrically powered vehicles.

OpenTrack software

As one of the first consulting companies, TKK has been using the OpenTrack software since 2007. After over 10 years of working with the software, TTK has gained solid experience in modelling operations. With the help of a database that has grown with the various studies and projects TTK has carried out, operation studies and optimisation have become a key competence of the company. TTK is capable of creating complex models based on specific requirements and supporting customers in using these models for internal purposes.

TTK has also developed modelling methods for dynamic models that actually model the variety in "real" operation. This allows the company to provide analyses of increased relevance.

For optimisation studies, TTK follows a specific procedure that is divided into four stages. The calibration step, which consists of reproducing the existing situation based on a thorough analysis of operating data (SAE), is key to the success of any project.

Model creation
Model calibration
Development and modelling
Comparative analyses

However, modelling is not an end in itself, but essentially provides figures and visual results that support customers in their decision-making.

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