Tariff Studies

Pricing opens the door for passengers to the network

Tariff and ticketing studies deal with the development and analysis of improved[NM8] integrated fare and ticketing structures, for all type of users (young, elederly, commuters, tourists, visitors, etc.).
Over 20 years, TTK has developed an extensive experience of such studies, including notably know-how transfer from Germany about zonal systems and integrated fares (one ticket for all modes of transport). 

Our skills also include data analysis, fares review and modeling of the various impacts (on revenue, on customers numbers) of fares changes. Our experience in France also enables us to take on board the various customers profile and disadvantage people’s needs.

Pricing study issues

Economic balance


Fairness of public transport service provision

Easy to use transport system

For pricing several issues have to be taken into account: you need to identify the products that best suit your customers’ needs, increase the attractiveness of the network and ensure social fairness for those at a disadvantage, without degrading the network's coverage.

The steps of a pricing study

Objectives and policy guidelines
Specification of scope of scenarios
Scenario evaluation
Conditions for implementation

TTK knows the steps required for a pricing study, the diagnostics of the existing product range and the evaluation of scenarios. This allows the company to highlight the impact of changes on passengers and the community.

Study areas

  • Urban pricing 
  • Interurban pricing
  • Railway tariffs 
  • Free bike and rental bike services 
  • Multimodal pricing 
  • Supply structure 

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