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Civil engineering structure

Tramtrain depot - Saarbrücken Brebach

Client: Stadtbahn Saar GmbH (SBS)
In progress – mid 2012

First concepts for a new tramtrain depot Saarbrücken (for Stadtbahn Saar GmbH) had been developed in 2005, originally at a site east of Saarbrücken station; start of operations is now foreseen for March 2012.

Within the joint venture ‘AG Stadtbahnbetriebshof Brebach’ TTK was responsible for the planning and design of tracks and road surface whereas the partner Werkgemeinschaft Karlsruhe Freie Architekten GmbH (WGK) designed all structures together with Saarbahn’s various inhouse technicians.

The existing spatial separation between workshop and stabling is not only very cost-intensive but also nonbeneficial for planning purposes. The station area at Brebach allowed the acquisition of additional lots and hence stabling and workshop could be integrated into one consolidated depot location.

The press after opening on Dec 13, 2011 was positive:
“After two years of construction work the new Saarbahn workshop in Brebach is close to finished.“

“Precise planning, good project management... – according to executive director Norbert Reuter these were the measures which kept the cost below the foreseen limit of 25 Mio Euro.“

“... of which 21 Mio Euro went into the workshop and 4 Mio Euro into the stabling yard with 11 tracks and a capacity for 22 Saarbahn vehicles...”

„Begin of operations is foreseen for March 2012.“

Download E-1745 Saarbruecken Brebach
Tramtrain depot - Saarbrücken Brebach

Design of a stabling yard and a depot for the tramtrain ve-hicles of Stadtbahn Saar GmbH